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Repair and maintenance
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Main / Services / Repair and maintenance
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Maintenance and Repair Price List
Service Price Outside Working Hours*
Visit fee 20.00 € 35.00 €
Express visit fee (same-day response) 35.00 € Not applicable
Repair work hourly rate 8:30 am-5:00 pm
Half-hour (1-30 min) 8:30 am-5:00 pm
Refrigeration work hourly rate 8:30 am-5:00 pm 35.00 €
25.00 €
42.00 € 50.00 €
35.00 €
58.00 €
Price per kilometer outside Tallinn 0.50 € 0.50 €
Spare parts transportation within Tallinn 8.00 € 8.00 €
Diagnostic fee (starting from) 55.00 € 85.00 €
Transportation within Tallinn 30.00 € By agreement
Maintenance hotline: +372 58 130 222
* Working hours are calculated in 30-minute increments (the price applies to each started half-hour of work).
** The visit fee applies to objects located within a 15 km radius of Tallinn.
*** The cost of 1 kilometer of transportation is calculated using the formula 0.5€ * the current fuel price on the day of invoicing according to Olerex fuel prices ( (For example, if the fuel price on that day was 1.2€, then 0.5x1.2=0.6€)
**** The diagnostic fee is applied if the client requests a device fault diagnosis but does not immediately proceed with the repair after the faults are identified.
If a repair order follows the diagnostic, no separate fee for diagnosis is charged, and the total cost is calculated based on the current price list and the installed spare parts.
If the client requests fault diagnosis for more than one device, the cost of work is calculated based on the current price list and the required assembly materials.
The diagnostic fee does not include refrigerants, components, and spare parts!
NB! In paid parking zones where the client cannot provide free parking, the parking fee will be added to the repair invoice.
All prices are subject to VAT.
We reserve the right to make changes to the price list and offer special prices in exceptional cases.
The indicated prices apply to services performed by one maintenance technician. product range includes over 20 000 different kitchen appliances