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Main / Services / Warranty
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Warranty Terms


Horeca Suurköögid OÜ provides a warranty for the equipment sold by them against possible construction, manufacturing, and material defects. After the warranty period has expired, reporting a defect during the warranty period is not valid unless it has been done in writing.

The warranty period for new equipment is one (1) year from the delivery of the equipment to the buyer.
The warranty period for used equipment is three (3) months from the delivery of the equipment to the buyer.
The warranty is valid for the first buyer/user of the sold equipment.
The client requesting warranty repair must prove the validity of the device's warranty period.


The warranty covers the costs incurred by Horeca Suurköögid OÜ for repairing construction, manufacturing, and material defects determined by Horeca Suurköögid OÜ during the warranty period. The above-mentioned defects will be repaired by Horeca Suurköögid OÜ or an authorized service company appointed by Horeca Suurköögid OÜ, restoring the equipment to working order. Replaced parts and components under warranty remain the property of the seller and must be returned.


The installed equipment is repaired at the client's premises on weekdays from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm unless otherwise agreed upon by the client. If the client requests warranty repairs outside normal working hours, they will be responsible for covering the additional costs incurred. For equipment requiring easy transportation and easy removal from water and power supply, the buyer must transport the equipment at their own expense to Horeca Suurköögid OÜ or an authorized service company for repair. For large-sized and technically complex equipment, the transportation and disconnection of the equipment must be coordinated in advance with Horeca Suurköögid OÜ. Upon the technician's arrival, there must be unobstructed access to the equipment. The repaired equipment must be collected by the client or will be returned to the client at their expense.


This warranty is valid under the condition that the device has been used under normal conditions and that the user manual has been carefully followed. If the above conditions are met, Horeca Suurköögid OÜ is responsible. The warranty does not cover any losses caused by a device defect, including financial losses, damage to persons or other property, loss of earnings, and other indirect damages. Warranty repairs do not include regular maintenance of the equipment and do not cover expenses arising from non-compliance with the equipment's usage and maintenance instructions.


• Improper transport, lifting, or moving of the equipment and disregarding installation instructions (except when performed by authorized personnel of Horeca Suurköögid OÜ)

• Negligence or overloading by the device user, or failure to follow user or handling instructions

• Use of the device for purposes other than intended

• Conditions beyond the control of Horeca Suurköögid OÜ, such as voltage fluctuations, fire, incorrect connections, high water hardness, non-compliant water pressure, damage caused by repairs or modifications performed by unauthorized service companies, or structural changes to the device

• Non-compliant or improper installation or placement of the device according to installation and user instructions

• Improper storage conditions by the user (e.g., below freezing temperatures)


The warranty does not cover the repair of minor surface scratches that are insignificant for the device's operation, adjustments mentioned in the regular user manual, on-site user training, cleaning measures resulting from impurities product range includes over 20 000 different kitchen appliances