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Main / Services / Valuation
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Evaluation of catering equipment

Sell ​​your used catering equipment at a fair price

We offer an evaluation service for used catering equipment. If you want to sell your used equipment, have it evaluated first. This way you can be sure that you are selling your equipment at a fair price and guarantee.

What does the evaluation of catering equipment look like?

Let's come and see what the equipment is like:

- We appreciate the appearance of the equipment.
- Checking the technical condition.
- We predict life expectancy.
- We determine the recommended warranty period.

We also take into account the age of the settings, the previous operating load and previous faults. We prepare an appraisal report that shows the market value of kitchen appliances.
The evaluation is performed by experts in the field of large equipment.

How to prepare for the evaluation of catering equipment?

In order to make the preparation of the assessment report faster, prepare the documentation of the equipment: information on the purchase, maintenance and repair of the equipment.
We assume that our expert will have access to the device during the evaluation.

What does it cost to evaluate kitchen appliances?

The cost of preparing an appraisal report for catering equipment consists of an hourly rate and transport costs. Class work includes arrival at the destination, conducting an inspection and preparing an assessment report.

Contact us: or by calling 5813 0222.
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