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Termokutter Horeca Hotmix XL
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Termokutter Horeca Hotmix XL
Termokutter Horeca Hotmix XL
3 890.00€ + vat

Code: HM3XL

Dimensions: 320 × 420 × 396 mm

Power: 3300W

Total sum:
3 890.00€ + vat
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An innovative multifunctional device for chopping, pureing, liquefying or mixing
- two-piece device
- mixes different liquids as a mixer
- as a cutter cuts all the necessary ingredients
- the heating system heats, keeps warm or boils
- during cooking, stir at different speeds as needed
- 26 different speeds, Turbo speed and pulse operation
- The turbo air motor allows the unit to run for 12 consecutive hours
- blade speed 120 to 16000 rpm
- housing made of stainless steel
- The container is cool due to the insulation on the outside
- 3-liter container included
- Automatic start at the desired time
- temperature control + 24 °… + 190 ° C
- precise temperature control
- temperature adjustable to the nearest ° C
- You can save up to 400 recipes, including the necessary ingredients step by step
- SD memory card
- Ability to connect to a computer to download updates
- USB interface
- lid with safety device
- measuring lid
- non-slip feet
- backlit LCD display
- Continuous display of functions
Standard equipment (included in the price):
- set of blades
- mixing paddle
- advice on units of measurement
- Spatula
- frothing paddle
- Sous vide opportunity

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