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Charcoal oven CHOE761S
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Charcoal oven CHOE761S
Charcoal oven CHOE761S
3 390.00€ + vat

Code: SKU CHOE761S

Weight: 206 kg

Dimensions: 710 x 730 x 666 mm

Total sum:
3 390.00€ + vat
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For outdoor use only. Please contact your chimney sweep in advance and ask him for indoor use in your specific location.

High-quality charcoal oven
Colour: black
4 Grill level(s)
With separate chamber to heat up the coal
Ash drawer
Temperature: 500 °C
Easy handling
Modern design
Easy to clean

Body made of premium stainless steel
Heat resistant materials
Product benefits

Practical and versatile to use
Simple and functional working
Excellent barbecues every time

External dimensions W x D x H: 710 x 730 x 666 mm
scope of supply

2 Cooking grid
Charcoal drawer
Tongs for coals

Produced according hygiene and safety requirements
Material corresponds to the European Food Product Standards
Optional accessories

Stainless steel shelf
Closed substructure

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Charcoal oven CHOE761S
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