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Display cabinet 1400L
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Display cabinet 1400L
Display cabinet 1400L
2 322.00€ + vat

Code: GCP-1402GLASS

Dimensions: 1318x842x2040mm

Power: 207W / 230V

Manufacturer: Asber

Total sum:
2 322.00€ + vat
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Suitable for food containers GN 2/1 or 2 x GN 1/1; equipped with compatible rails.
Equipped with 3 grids GN 2/1 per each full door.
Refrigerant gas: R600a Hydrocarbon (HC).
Working temperature of -2 ºC to +8 ºC in climate Class IV conditions.
Specially manufactured in high-quality stainless steel for intensive professional applications, featuring a very robust design and perfect finishing.
60 mm thickness, CFC-free, high-density (40 kg/m³) polyurethane insulation, injected under high pressure.
Double-glazed doors insulated by a low thermal emissivity gas to reduce heat transfer.
Ergonomic, nickel-coated zamak door handle.
Hinged doors with automatic return for a perfect closing that minimize temperature gain. Doors have a 120° dwell position and closes automatically at less than 90°.
Equipped with a door lock.
Intuitive digital control allows temperature parameters to be adjusted easily and quickly.
Luminous start-stop light button.
“Ventilation Gill” on the front panel keeping the cooling unit system ventilated and running more efficiently.
Maintenance-free condenser, with special design preventing dust and dirt built thus avoiding cleaning operations and reducing energy consumption.
Forced draft evaporator with anti-corrosion cover.
Intelligent Air Circulation system ensures perfect temperature consistency with its innovative airflow design.
Door switch stops the fan when door is opened to avoid cold air exiting the interior, thus saving energy.
Automatic evaporation of defrost water. Hot gas coming from the compressor is used to automatically evaporate defrost water, instead of by means of heating elements, achieving even less energy consumption and reducing in half defrost time.
Internal, low energy consumption LED lighting to display the interior of the cabinet.
Light on-off button for a better internal visibility when doors are closed.
Height-adjustable stainless steel legs. Height of the legs could be adjusted individually (125 mm - 200 mm) to enable convenient cleaning. Foot pedal and castors are available as an option.
Stamped guides with rounded edges enable more convenient cleaning operations without any difficulties. Placing and adjusting the grids is also easier than ever. Plastic-coated wire grids allow storage of different packaging types and have a maximum loading capacity of up to 40 kg.
Removable pull-out/ push-in magnetic door gasket to keep maximum hygiene and maintain the insulating properties.
Stamped bottom panel with water drain especially designed to make cleaning operations quicker and easier, optimum for hygiene.
Rounded edge interiors, easier cleaning operations to reduce potential dirt traps.
23 grid level positions for increased loading capacity with a distance of 55mm among them.

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