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Blender 880W 1,8L
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Blender 880W 1,8L
Blender 880W 1,8L
1 380.00€ + vat


Weight: 6,30 kg

Dimensions: 178 x 203 x 457 mm

Power: 880W

Total sum:
1 380.00€ + vat
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Good to know: The pulse button is used when you need short power spikes at optimal speed. For example, this can be used for an extra burst of mixing at the end of a blend to make it creamier. The jump cycle starts the blender at low speed to minimize noise while blending large pieces. The cycle then switches to high speed to achieve a super creamy drink mixture .
The Wave Action System of the barmixer is a real game changer. This innovative system repeatedly pushes the contents of the mixing bowl towards the blades. This creates a continuous motion that ensures an even and thorough mix. You no longer have to manually stir or shake - the Wave Action System does the work for you and ensures that all ingredients are perfectly mixed together.
With its two speed settings, the Hamilton Beach bar mixer gives you precise control over the consistency of your drinks. Whether you prefer refreshing cocktails or creamy smoothies, this bartender always delivers optimal results.
Reliable sensors check that the lid is properly closed and the container correctly positioned. This prevents the device from being activated.
No more restrictions on ice cube size - let your creativity run wild and enjoy the limitless possibilities offered by a versatile bar mixer
High Performance Blender
For professional use in the catering industry
Capacity: 1,80 l
3 hp high torque drive motor.
Pulse function
Jump cycle
Adjustable timer with automatic shutdown
Large filler cap for adding ingredients
Polycarbonate container
Temperature gauge alerts operator if motor overheats when mixing successive batches.
Metal drive coupling between motor and tank
Patented magnetic connection of the container with coupling to protect the container and coupling.
High quality stainless steel cutting blades.
Containers are not dishwasher safe
Polycarbonate container
High quality stainless steel knives
Power: 880 Watt
Electrical connection: 1N/PE / 230V / 50 Hz - 60 Hz
External dimensions W x D x H: 178 mm x 203 mm x 457 mm
CE marking as proof of conformity with EU regulatory standards
Manufactured in accordance with relevant hygiene and safety standards
Materials comply with European food safety standards

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