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Blender 1500W 2L
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Blender 1500W 2L
Blender 1500W 2L
300.00€ + vat 360.00€ + vat

Code: SKUBMK2-1500

Weight: 5 kg

Dimensions: 230x270x520mm

Power: 1500W

Total sum:
300.00€ + vat
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Capacity: 2 Liter
Adjustable revs
Revolutions per minute min.: 13500rpm
Revolutions per minute min.: 26000rpm
Automatic shut-off function in case of overheating
LED display
Digital control unit
185 programs
Automatic storage of currently used programs
Powerful motor
Extremely quiet
Modern design
Containers are not dishwasher safe
Unbreakable food grade container, BPA-free
Plastic casing
Stainless steel blade
Nut butter & nut milk
Dips & spreads
Soups hot & cold
Frozen deserts
Food preparation (e.g., chopping up)
All types of sauces
Crushed ice
Ice cream made from frozen fruits
Produced according hygiene and safety requirements
Meets CE standards
Material corresponds to the European Food Product Standards

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