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Sous-Vide Garer
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Sous-Vide Garer
Sous-Vide Garer
389.00€ + vat


Weight: 13,5 kg

Dimensions: 620 x D 360 x H 300 mm

Power: 700W

Total sum:
389.00€ + vat
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Softcooker with integrated bain-marie
Accuracy of the water temperature
fast and efficient heat distribution
Water circulation system to ensure constant water temperature
Drain valves with safety lock
Separating grate in SS304 stainless steel
Seamlessly expandable water tank
Cover with silicone seal
Capacity: 24 litres
Time switch function
Digital time and temperature display
Gentle cooking through vacuum
Taste and aromas are preserved
intuitive menu navigation
Manual monitoring
highly efficient working possible
Energy saving
Simple operation
Extremely robust
Easy to clean
SS201 Stainless steel housing (0,8mm)
Heating element made of stainless steel
Produced according hygiene and safety requirements
Meets CE standards
Material corresponds to the European Food Product Standards
The food to be processed must be vacuumed first. Please make sure that the vacuum bags used are suitable for cooking.
The device may only be operated using distilled water. When using tap water, the heating elements can become damaged as a result of lime scale deposits.

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