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Espresso machine KC2S
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Espresso machine KC2S
Espresso machine KC2S
2 390.00€ + vat


Weight: 48 kg

Dimensions: 750 x 620 x 510 mm

Power: 3000W

Manufacturer: GGM

Total sum:
2 390.00€ + vat
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Please open the steam nozzles at the initial start-up until steam comes out of the nozzles. This step ensures that the boiler is fully vented
Please use this device on level 2 only. Level 1 is to be regarded as standby mode only
We recommend a regularly decalcification the device to ensure smooth operation
If you have installed a de-scaler upstream of the cartridge, please note that the cartridge must be regenerated after approx. 1.500 - 2.000 litres of water flow. The actual maximum flow rate is determined by the water hardness.
Quality product made in Europe
Colour: black
For coffee, espresso, tea etc.
Capacity:12 Litres
With drain surface
Cups can be kept warm on the upper tray
Manometer to control pumps and boiler pressure
Drainage tap for water boiler
Digital display
A multitude of programs
2 Brewing units
2 Steam nozzle(s)
1 Hot water jet
High performance with lower consuption (environmentally friendly)
Easy to clean
Stainless steel steam nozzle
Body made of premium stainless steel
Stainless steel filter groups and screw connections
Special high-gloss finish
High stability
Simple operation
Automatic cleaning of the brewing units
Automatic dosing
Silent operation
Water feed and discharge hose
2x Portafilter with 14 g insert (2-drain)
1x Portafilter with 7 g insert (1-drain)
2x Stand for small cups
1x Blind filter
Produced according hygiene and safety requirements
Meets CE standards
Material corresponds to the European Food Product Standards

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