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Coffee machine 1L fully automatic
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Coffee machine 1L fully automatic
Coffee machine 1L fully automatic
7 460.00€ + vat


Weight: 70 kg

Dimensions: 409 x 550 x 620 mm

Power: 2300W

Productivity: 250 - 300 tassi päevas

Total sum:
7 460.00€ + vat
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Fully-automatic coffee machine made in Europe
Version: Electric appliance
Excellent for professional use
High quality touchscreen display
For coffee, espresso, latte macchiato etc.
2 Powder container
2 Devices for coffee bean funnel
15 various drinks can be saved
Daily capacity: 250 - 300 cups per day
simple programming procedures
Hot and cold drinks possible
automatic cleaning process
Anti-limescale programme
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections
intuitive menu navigation
Video playback possible
No danger by the grinding discs due to the safety system
Integrated door lock for optimum product security
Modern design
Easy handling
Easy to clean
Premium workmanship
10 inch colour touchscreen
Plastic funnel
LED lightining
Non-slip feet
2 Coffee bean funnel
Funnel capacity: 600 + 1000 g Coffee beans
Hose for milk
1 x Drainage drawer
Power cable without plug as plugs are country specific
roduced according hygiene and safety requirements
Meets CE standards
Material corresponds to the European Food Product Standards
We recommend a regularly decalcification the device to ensure smooth operation
If you have installed a de-scaler upstream of the cartridge, please note that the cartridge must be regenerated after approx. 1.500 - 2.000 litres of water flow. The actual maximum flow rate is determined by the water hardness.

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