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Charcoal Oven 70
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Charcoal Oven 70
Charcoal Oven 70
8 933.00€ + vat

Code: HJX25M

Dimensions: 640x600x1290mm

Power: 70 portsjonit

Total sum:
8 933.00€ + vat
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The Josper HJX25M is the perfect machine for kitchens wanting to cook authentic tasting meats and pizzas, whilst space is at a premium, easily sited on a counter top and still able to deliver that great taste only a Josper can. 

Fire up Time: 30 min average.
Josper charcoal daily consumption: 22 lb to 26.5 lb average
Performance: 9 Hrs.
Production per hour: 132 lb
Cooking temperature: 300°C - 350°C (572°F - 662°F)
Oven capacity in GN trays (per grill rack) - 2x GB ½ + 1 X GN 1/3
Exhaust rate: 1648 cfm
Maximum smoke flow: 0.25 oz/s

Included Accessories:
• Smoke outlet vent.
• One cooking grill rack.
• Charcoal grates.
• Josper tongs.
• Bristle brush.
• Poker.
• Ash hatch and handle.
• Ash Pan.

Optional Accessories:
• Extra cooking grill racks.
• Firebreak.
• Firebreak's Hat.
• Tray support.
• Cabinet Stand

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